Why Drink Alkaline Water?

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Why Drink Alkaline Water

There are four very good reasons for you to drink Alkaline Water and Why Drinking AlkalineWater Can Help your Health.

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I have explained most of them in My Story and prior pages. And from all the feedback that I get in response, I can see that I need to simplify and clarify the subject to be simply understood.

It is not in anyone’s understanding but in the complexity and unusual nature of the subject that makes it difficult to comprehend. So in this page I will attempt to break down each of the items. Simplify, describe and make clear the Way, How and Why Alkaline Water can Improve and Strengthen your Health.

Why Drink Alkaline Water Glacier Milk Why Drink AlkalineWater

First;) Ionized Water:

The process of electrolysis or ionization is where the filtered water is ran past positive and negative electrical charged plates. This causes the water to separate into two streams.

One creates a high concentration of alkaline minerals to help balance the body’s pH. And the other produces a acidic pH which is a superb, safe alternative to any of the above chemicals in your kitchen. Think about it: where do these chemicals end up after you have performed your daily tasks?

Ionized Water is different than any of the aforementioned waters. It has twelve different properties to it that no other water (save glacier milk) has. That is one reason Why Alkaline Water should be in your daily diet.

Why Drink Alkaline Water Water ClusterWhy Drink AlkalineWater

Second;) Micro-Clustered Water:

This technology, the same process of electrolysis or ionization also breaks down long chains of water molecules of 15-16 molecules to 5-6 molecules with a negative charge and hydrates the cells more efficiently. Another reason Why Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health.

This allows the treated and converted water to penetrate areas of the body that couldn’t be reached before with regular water. Thus, detoxifying and flushing waist from the body at the cellular level. Before being able to treat the problem you must be able to reach it. And another reason Why Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health.

Due to their smaller size, micro-clusters of ionized water molecules are expelled from the cells more efficiently, carrying damaging toxins out of the cells and cleaning them out of the system. The negative charge of ionized alkaline water will attract the positive ions of acids and neutralize them within the body.

Why Drink Alkaline Water Antioxidants

Third;) Antioxidants:

Through electrolysis, it converts H2O molecules into +H, and –OH molecules which is a natural antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, reduces DNA damage, and slows down aging. In plain English here is what happens and Why Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health.

When you burn wood in a fireplace, the wood is being rapidly oxidized. Creating heat which is radiated out into the air and the ashes are left behind. When you eat, the food is oxidized and the body uses the energy. But the ashes that are left behind are electron-deficient molecules called “Free Radicals”.

Free radicals are also caused by the use of tobacco, drinking and other pollutions we get in our body, just from everyday living. They are dangerous because they roam through your body attempting to replace their missing electrons by stealing electrons from your vital cells, causing damage which usually disables their ability to reproduce as healthy normal cells.

What is O.R.P. Oxygen Reduced Potential. The antioxidant activity can be measured as the Oxidation Reduction Potential or O.R.P. The lower the O.R.P. -800 mV the higher the antioxidant. This will give you an idea of the level of O.R.P. or antioxidant that we are talking about in alkaline water and Why Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health. For instance, Tap Water has positive +400 to +500mV, Wheat-Grass Juice has an negative O.R.P. of -120mV. Which is good. Real fresh squeezed Orange Juice has a negative O.R.P. of -250mV. Which is better.

Although we can only drink a few glasses of fresh orange juice in a day, we can drink as much Ionized Water as we want in a day. The LIFE 7600 Ionizers TM can get over -800mV. in one glass. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth.

Why Drink Alkaline Water  Innovation

Forth;) Innovation:

Those are the three basic reason why everyone, “in my opinion,” should drink plenty of alkaline water and Why Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health... But to make things even healthier, Life Ionizer, has developed innovated options you can add to the machines, to enhance our lives and improve our health. They are as follows.


This enable the units to reach very high pH settings as well as consistently lower O.R.P. readings.

UV Light Disinfection:

LIFE Ionizers are the only machines on the market that offer this feature. UV light disinfection effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi, oocysts (cryptosporidium and giardia), and other microbiological contaminants giving your water that extra layer of purification.

Energy Frequency Generator:

Now with the introduction of the “Energy Frequency Generator” in the new 2010 LIFE Ionizers™, we are bringing in the NEXT GENERATION of healthy water. I know, it seems way out there but it is not.

Simply put Why Alkaline Water with E.F.G. Can Help Your Health, Imagine your body as a very well made guitar. When it is in tune, you make beautiful music. That is when you were in your twenties. As you get older, the instrument gets a little out of tune. Water has a memory and by drinking the Energy Frequency Treated Ionized Water, which is encoded with 204 different balanced harmonic frequency’s that are than transferred to and balancing your Body's Bio-field. Energizing and Tuning your body back closer to it’s original state.

I hope this clarifies a lot of questions that you might have had of Why Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health. And I know you will have a lot more. I did! Feel free to contact me.

This is a big decision to make and you need to make the right one. Here are the considerations I used for myself as I was looking into purchasing a Alkaline Water machine for myself and my family.

How Did I Choose A Filter?

Prices of ionizers range anywhere from around $800 to $4000, depending on where you go. Who makes the best alkaline water machines? There are a lot of machines on the market but not a lot of manufactures. I narrowed it down to four top machines. These are the four top companies, in my opinion, that met the criteria I was looking for; Life 9000 ($2,497), IonQuench 8080 ($1,695), Tyent Turbo ($2,495) and Jupiter Delphi ($2,695).

Enagic SD-501 is in this class, but at this point it’s been decisively crushed in video comparison tests by other top models, and since many of these machines are less than half the price of the Enagic machine, I no longer consider that machine to be a sane competitor.

Why Drink Alkaline Water

The most significant factors to evaluate an alkaline water filter’s performance are that it can get your tap water to the proper pH and -ORP levels every time, and that it can continually perform over time by cleaning itself efficiently and without you having to wait while it is cleaning itself.

Moreover, you want to make sure that you have a appliance whose cleaning procedure eliminates the development of scaling on its plates.

Why Drink Alkaline Water

If the unit you’re considering meet these standards, then the only other concern would be warranty and company reputation. I would recommend calling the company and asking them questions regarding their return policy and their customer service.

If you can't afford a alkaline water machines at this time, ask around. Your Chiropractor, Compound Pharmacy, and most local distributors of alkaline water machines will give you a 30 day or 30 Gal. for free. Try it, see how it can help you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Why Drink Alkaline Water  Waterfall

Well, I said that I would keep it simple on Why Alkaline Water Can Help Your Health. It is hard to do but I hope that I have achieve that. And again, if you do have any questions, please let me know. I am here to help answer them. Take a look at all the units and decide for yourself. Like I said before, this site will give you a “Better Price, Better Product, And Better Service. What more could you want!

Why Drink Alkaline Water

My site will give you good answers to the following questions.

What Is Alkaline Water?

What Is Ionized Water?

Will Drinking The Water Help Your Health?

Who Makes The Water Filter?

What is Energy Frequency Technology?

How the Water Benefits You.

How The Antioxidant in Alkaline Water Retards Aging.

Bottle Water Verses Ionized Water.

Alkaline Water Scam. Who Is Scamming Who?

And How Can Alkaline Water Help You If You Have Cancer!

I hope to satisfy your thirst for answers, No pun intended. This site will help educate you on all the above subjects.

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Why Drink Alkaline Water

What Conditions Can Alkaline Water Help?

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