Understanding Energy Frequency Technology And Alkaline Water.

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency

Nikola Tesla is considered the Father of Energy Frequency Technology. If You Want To Find The Secretes Of The Universe, Think In Terms Of Energy, Frequency And Vibration.   Said Nikola Tesla

This latest development in Quantum Physics gives a new meaning the word.... Energy Frequency Technology

"Energy Drink"

LIFE Ionizers™ has always been 1st to provide more of the cutting-edge advances in ionizer technology - and today they have done it once again! LIFE Ionizers™ are the 1st to harness the power of the discovery science of “Quantum biological science in Alkaline Water."

Quantum Biology employs some of the latest scientific possibilities of quantum physics to biological systems.

Beyond Ions! Beyond pH! Beyond ORP!

Even though LIFE Ionizers™ already provide the most recent advances in creating Alkaline Water, literally all water ionizers could make water more alkalic. A few do it better than others, but the difference with LIFE Ionizers™ is in the superiority of the component part* and some of our exclusive, more innovative technologies like Mesh, Ultraviolet and Vitamin C technologies. And today LIFE Ionizers™ is the first off and sole company to go far, far beyond that with the innovation of Electronic Frequency! Frequencies are LIFE™

Wholly life is basically energy vibrating at diverse frequencies. How your body changes energy frequencies into biological processes isn't fully realized, but the rules of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics are setting about to render some answers. For instance, analyzers have proven that “quantum tunneling” is involved in enzymatic responses. It as well seems that energies used for chemical transmutations by the body are quantum mechanical in nature.

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology
Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

LIFE Ionizer’s™ proprietary Energy Frequency Technology™is a trade-secret technology that “energizes” LIFE Organic Alkaline Water™ with 205 potentially health-building energetic frequencies applying methods deducted by quantum physics.

This implies that your water is more than hardly purified and ionized-it is energized! Your blood bears numerous electromagnetic attributes that is influenced by energy frequencies.

For instance, oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin in blood bears magnetic properties, and the ionic electric current produced by the electrolytes in blood plasma could use proteins to function like “semi-conductors,” exactly like you encounter in electronic circuits.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

Advanced Quantum Sciences

Though advanced quantum sciences are barely beginning to explain some of these phenomena, way back in the 1920s Linus Pauling noticed that at the center of the covalent hydrogen bond is resonance, as well named to as frequencies.

A covalent bond is a form of chemical bonding that is characterized by the sharing of pairs of electrons between atoms, and other covalent bonds. In short, the attraction-to-repulsion stability that forms between atoms when they share electrons is known as covalent bonding.

In 1935, George Lakhovsky discovered that single cells have 2 features - capacitance and inductance - which are as well components of a radio receiver electrical circuit. Robert Becker has demonstrated that the shape and size of different cells is commanded by minute electric currents, which are successively determined by the electromagnetic field of the body.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

“New” Science

So this “new” science has really been around for decades! LIFE Ionizers’™ Energy Frequency Technology™ was made by health-care practicians with over 30 yrs of experience in natural health applying energy frequencies.

Now, drinking LIFE Organic Alkaline Water™ with EFT conveys these potentially healthy electronic frequencies throughout your full body. Many LIFE Ionizer™ users have accounted balanced & vibrant energy, decreased fatigue and pain, improve sleep and optimized performance.

Water is the most significant nutrient in the body and is actually a living organism. It's affected by contaminants from chemicals, psychotropic drugs, bacteria, mold, parasites and disorderly energy from being brought through metallic pipes. All of this winds up in the “memory” of the water. People believe that water is water-but it is not.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

Dr. Emoto's

From Dr. Emoto's work we're furnished with actual evidence that vibrational energy, words, thoughts, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the identical equal water that constitutes over 70 percent of the physical body and covers the same amount of our Planet.

Water is the very origin of all life on this planet, the quality and integrity is vitally crucial to all figures of life. Science has shown that the physical body and animals produce and sustain an energy system which can be drained and disrupted by counterbalancing signals induced by other electromagnetic systems such as computers, cell phones, hair dryers, x-rays, microwaves, etc.

At LIFE Ionizers™ we have designed our systems to purge the water by our customized pre-filters and our inner filters. The electrolysis separates the water into 2 streams: alkaline minerals for drinking and acidic minerals for additional applications. It also makes structured hexagonal water and by this procedure the water is then micro-clustered and applied a negative charge-all of this implies improve hydration.

In the water ionizer industry, LIFE™ is recognized for its numerous innovations and technologies. We forever endeavor to design and produce the highest quality water systems to produce the best healthy water. Our goal is to supply this water so that we can “Give Health", one glass at a time!

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency Generator

The human body reacts positively to these 205 ideal frequencies in the water, balancing the organs, glands and meridians of the body. What this means to you is that your water cures when it hydrates. It carries positive vibrations and harmonious energy waves.

To test the effectiveness of the Energy Frequency Technology ™ in the LIFE 8100 NG , the water has been tested on subjects using a bio-harmonic electronic scanner, which registers the intensity and efficiency of the body's energetic channels. The effects of the test exhibited that the Energy Frequency Technology ™ on a LIFE 8100 NG ™ improved the bio-harmonies of all cases' strength to all bio-functions by their resonance.

Users have accounted balanced & vibrant energy, reduced fatigue and pain, better sleep, and optimized performance. These encoded frequencies as well help moderate possible negative energy fields, such as EMFs, radio, micro and other weakening energy fields by bringing an increase of one’s personal balance and energy.

The water carries harmonious frequencies of entire body systems and has been described to bring astounding balance and strength when activated with ionized water.

The LIFE 8100 NG™ can be converted from an under-counter model to a counter-top model. You decide whether to use the included brushed stainless steel faucet, or to use the ionizer's included nozzle.

By drinking the Alkaline Water, which has a memory and is encoded with 205 different balanced harmonic frequency’s that are than transferred to your body. You will be energizing and tuning your body back closer to it’s original state.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

The First Water Ionizers to Harness the Great Power of Quantum Biology!

I believe that in this time of great leaps and strides in technology, it is amazing to me that some of the revolutionary health benefits were hidden from us and our parents. In my research on Energy Frequency Technology I have come across many ground breaking technology's that were hidden from the public by the AMA. and Big Drug Companies.

This has resulted in great fortunes being made by both of them. And the loss of many life's and many friends. The average treatment for different cancers run from $4,000 to $44,000 Depending on what you have. They are making way too much money to ever tell you the truth. And our government does nothing to stop them. Do you think somebody pays them not to?

Look up Royal Raymond Rife, if you want to get your dandruff up.

Energy Frequency Technology

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There are many different technologies.

There are many different technologies and health practices that date back many centuries, way before our so-called Modern Medicine.

And most of these back up and support the theories and practices of energy frequency. Yin and Yang, Kinesiology, Prayer, the Kabbalah, and ancient Indian Spiritual Teachings. Find out more, read on.

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

Yin and Yang

The concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Agents provided the intellectual framework of much of Chinese scientific thinking especially in fields like biology and medicine.

The organs of the body were seen to be interrelated in the same sorts of ways as other natural phenomena, and best understood by looking for correlations and correspondences.

Illness was seen as a disturbance in the balance of Yin and Yang or the Five Agents caused by emotions, heat or cold, or other influences. Therapy thus depended on accurate diagnosis of the source of the imbalance.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology


Another field, Kinesiology, has made strides in determining feelings and emotions on the well-being of the body. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD. conducted a 29 year study that demonstrated the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person's mental state using kinesiology, or muscle testing.

Dr. Hawkins developed a scale of 1-1000 that maps human consciousness: 200 (or 20,000 cycles per second) weakens the body and from 200 to 1000 makes the body stronger. At various points above this are intellect, psychology, science, genius, heart and enlightenment which moves us from duality to non-duality.

This Map of Consciousness is based on a logarithmic scale which means there is an enormous increase in power with even a small increase in the number on the scale.

The lowest vibration rate is described as "Force". This exhibits a weak kinesiologic response with a vibration under 200 which includes shame, then guilt, apathy, grief, fear and anxiety, craving, anger and hate. All these feelings weaken you. Levels at 200 and above are described as "Power," which elicit a strong kinesiologic response. At 250 you have neutrality and trust - this strengthens you.

Going up on the scale there is: willingness, optimism, acceptance and forgiveness, reason and understanding, love and reverence, joy and serenity.

Courage calibrates at 200

Willingness calibrates at 310

Reason calibrates at 400

Unconditional Love calibrates at 500

Joy, and the ability to communicate healing energies to another calibrates at 540

Gratitude calibrates at 560

Praise at 570

Peace and bliss is rated at 600

Enlightenment and Ineffability at 700-1000.

Dr. Hawkins conjectures the great scientists such as Newton and Freud calibrate at 499 and Carl Jung calibrates at 540, the highest level of the intellect we have known to this point.

At the highest end of the kinesiological scale of human experience, 600 to 1000, are qualities that transcend duality. This is the level of "enlightenment" and "pure bliss" of consciousness.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

Mother Theresa

The highest calibration in this study was 700 by Mother Theresa who exuded peace and joy by her mere presence. Dr. Hawkins reports that Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, the greatest prophets recorded in human history all calibrate at a scale at 1000 along with their messages of Unity, Peace and Love calibrated near 1000. Cycles Conversion of Hawkin's scale illustrate: Hawkin's Scale 100 200 300 500 1,000 Cycles P/Second = Hz 10,000 20,000 30,000 50,000 100,000 kHz or kc/s 10 20 30 50 100 Please reference the section on Frequency which has a listing of comparative measurements The frequencies from light, sound, to physiological functions (as demonstrated in the Frequency section) along with bio-scientific studies show definite resonances in all things and ultimately shows the dual nature of our physical being and how we are energetically linked to everything else.

"Energy waves build the human body by radiation in intrauterine life, as a pattern of energy currents, and continue to maintain it by this energy flow as wireless currents."

Dr. Randolph Stone -Polarity Therapy Book 1

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology


To "feel" combines our emotions merged with our thoughts - energy follows attention. When we pray we realize and acknowledge there are many possibilities and by the act of praying-focusing-feeling, we direct that energy into an opportunity that we *choose* to experience - of all the possibilities available.

A Tibetan Abbott said on prayer, "Feeling - the object of each prayer is to achieve "feeling". When we pray, we feel on behalf of all beings, everywhere. We are all connected. We are all expressions of one life. No matter where we are, our prayers are heard by all. We are all the same one."

"Unless you, yourself, enter the image and think from it, it is incapable of birth."


Gregg Braden and others have spoken about the power of prayer and the physics principles at work. "Through the language of time waves, quantum outcomes, and choice points.." we determine our future probabilities. "Our individual choices merge into our collective response to the present" whose rings span far into the depths of time/space."

The matrix grid of consciousness, Jung's collective unconscious, is the nervous system for the earth, our thoughts effect this system and everything contained therein.

The universe can be crafted with a simple working of your will. Mages and mystics and shamanic healers have taught this truth throughout the ages. Thoughts and feelings manifest itself into reality. This makes us co-creators with the universe. Quantum physics even suggest that by redirecting our focus and our attentions we can bring a new course of events into action.

"Everything we think, feel, and do has an effect on our ancestors and all future generations and reverberates throughout the universe."

Thich Nhat Hanh

A tiny emotion becomes a thought of a one raindrop, thousands of drops turn into a flood. There is true magic-alchemy in the power of will, we shape the world by our desires, thoughts, intents and actions. So in relation to mankind's "ascension" it is the product of many working, thinking, acting, and living as a higher unit of collective thought energy processes.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology


Kabalistic teachings there's a saying, "think well of everyone". In Kabbalah, what we do in this world always has effects in the spiritual dimension. There is also the term "cycle of reciprocity": what is going out from your mind is always coming back to you.

Kabbalah believes that man will walk down the path of existence filled with the positive and negative forces that makes up the universe. Each man has its own potential that can be unlocked to the path of greatness, but this opportunity is blocked by the negative energies that surround us.

By living a life following the teachings of kabbalah, man can ultimately end up being an enlightened being -- full of potential and ability that marks them for greatness. The only hindrance to this life is the negative energy emanated by external and internal forces. The red string is a popular kabbalah tool that shields a person from these negativities.

The Evil Eye is one of the sources of these negative energies -- the bringer of bad luck and chaos in a man's life. The best way to counter its devastating effects is to wear Kabbalistic Eye made of ceramic or crystal -- usually in the form of jewelry -- to negate its unwanted effects. These come in the form of bracelets, bangles, and necklaces. Lucky eyes will absorb any negative energy from beings with the Evil Eye.

Energy Frequency Technology

Energy Frequency TechnologyEnergy Frequency Technology

Cherokee Spiritual Teacher

Dhyani Ywahoo, a Cherokee spiritual teacher, says it beautifully: "Be aware of the power of mind, remember that we are all in process of unfolding. We can choose, we can weave; we hold the form, we dance it, and the moment comes when it is recalled in each of us...By the power of its sound it is a reality...The Beauty Path, the Great Peace, is the meeting of ourselves, the perceptions of our minds, and the cessation of those waves and thought forms that create discord. Let us sow the seed of peace in all our actions, thoughts and words."

The Spiritual Path assists "mortal man in gaining and understanding of his/her place within the Divine Order and allows mankind to experience the greater purpose of evolution from a more Universal perspective."


"When mankind perceives reality through an open, evolved heart chakra, mortal man experiences reality by "feeling" the energy states of that reality." We can safely say that real truths cannot be said, talked about or even written, they must be lived, experienced and felt."

"Remember to be cautious with your thoughts and your words; they are the tools of creation.

Energy Frequency Technology

Remember cause and effect.

"Remember there is nothing more important than love." (Mary Sparrowdancer - "The Love Song of The Universe")

Energy Frequency Technology

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